AEC Youth Leaders Participate in Certificate Course

Our Youth Coordinators and their members are completing the first part of a Certificate Program in Youth Ministry Studies hosted by EQ Saints in the Catholic Diocese of St. John’s – Basseterre. It takes place from 3rd – 9th December, 2023. A note from the class: “Leadership is more than just guiding a team; it’s about unlocking potential and inspiring people to surpass their own limitations. Exceptional leaders have the ability to see the latent talents in their team members, often more than the individuals see in themselves.But how do they do it? Here are some key ways:

1. Empowerment: Great leaders empower their team, giving them the autonomy to make decisions and take risks. This empowerment fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their work, pushing individuals to go beyond their comfort zone.

2. Vision: By setting a clear and compelling vision, leaders can align their team’s efforts towards a common goal. This shared purpose is a powerful motivator that drives people to exceed their perceived capabilities.

3. Encouragement: A little encouragement goes a long way. Leaders who recognize and celebrate even small achievements boost confidence and inspire continued effort and growth.

4. Challenge: Leaders that challenge their team members, within reason, push them to develop new skills and perspectives. These challenges encourage learning and growth, leading to personal and professional development.

5. Support: Knowing they have support, team members feel secure in taking on new challenges. Effective leaders provide the resources and guidance needed to succeed, even when the path is tough.In summary, the best leaders don’t just lead; they inspire, challenge, and support their teams. They create an environment where people can discover their true potential and achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

Members present come from the Archdiocese of Kingston, Castries, Port of Spain, Diocese of Roseau, Paramaribo and Bridgetown.

Submitted by the AEC Youth Commission