Life in the Spirit Retreat: Hearts on Fire-Feet on the Move

Forty-six young Catholics from across the islands of the Diocese of St. John’s-Basseterre will converge on Trinidad for the 2023 edition of “Life in the Spirit Retreat.” Since 2017, this retreat has become an important spiritual ingredient of their confirmation preparation, with previous retreats being a condensed weekend held at the Mount Tabor Retreat Centre in Antigua. 


“Life in the Sprit” is described as a powerful opportunity for spiritual awakening and discernment for the will of God, and promises to provide many wonderful encounters with Christ through the seminars on topics such as God’s Love, New Life,  Receiving God’s Gift, Growth and Transformation. The retreat will also provide opportunities for the examination of Scriptures, praise and worship, prayer and deliverance, healing, discussions and a period of reconciliation. 

This year’s encounter will take place from July 2-9, 2023 under the theme Metamorphosis, with talks based on Romans 12: 1-2. The young people will be travelling under this year’s Mission month theme “Hearts on Fire-Feet on the Move” with particular reference to Luke 24:13-35 which captures Jesus’ encounter with Cleopas and another disciple (unnamed) on the road to Emmaus. It is the fervent prayer of the organisers that an encounter with Jesus will cause an unquenchable burning in the heart of every young person, so that fuelled by prayer, their hearts may firmly fixed on Christ and their feet may be moved to carry on His mission of evangelization in every area of their lives. Travelling with the young people are 11 adults and 7 youth leaders who have experienced the Life in the Spirit Retreat, and have been the local support team for the last four years. Bishop Robert Llanos and Fr. Atsu (Jean Paul) Sade will also be in Trinidad with the group.