New Priest Incardinated into the Diocese

Bishop Llanos formally incarnated a new priest into the Diocese of St.John’s-Basseterre on May 31, 2023. Msgr. Matija Matiĉić hails from Croatia and his first appointment will be at Holy Family in Molineux, St. Kitts for one year. He will arrive in St. Kitts on the 3rd of August 2023 to take up residence there. On behalf of the Diocese, we welcome Msgr. Matija and wish him a fruitful and blessed ministry in our Diocese in the years ahead.


n.b. What does it mean to be incardinated? 

According to Canon Law #265, “Every cleric must be incardinated either in a particular church or personal prelature…”

In the Catholic Church, priests and deacons are referred to as clerics and must be attached to a particular Church or religious institute to which they must be accountable and which must be accountable to them. “Every cleric in the Church makes a promise or vow of obedience to a bishop, prelate or religious superior who directs his ministry and ensures that he is engaged in the work of the Gospel in accord with his talents, aptitudes and abilities.” When a priest obtains permission to transfer to another diocese, this attachment to the new diocese is called the “incardination.”

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