“Lest we forget” – An Interview with CTCT Founders

By: Ottrisha Carter

        The Conference on Theology in the Caribbean Today (CTCT) hosted an online conversation between one of its founders, Msgr. Patrick ‘PABA’ Anthony and an executive member, Dr. Adanna James, on April 20th, 2023. As the CTCT prepares to host this year’s conference from June 26th – 30th, in Grenada, Msgr. Anthony took viewers down memory lane.

        To begin, Msgr. Anthony shared that after the closure of the Caribbean Institute of Catechetics, Fr. Michel de Verteuil and others began to work on establishing an institute which catered to offer similar programs. This led to the creation of the Liturgy School. 

        During the 1980’s, Msgr. Anthony, then Fr. Joseph Harris and Everard Johnson were studying in Chicago and they “took up the challenge of how” they could have begun to “take theology seriously in the Caribbean context.” They brought Fr. de Verteuil’s efforts on “the indigenization of theology” to the attention of one of their professors and the conversation continued. Upon graduating, they returned to their respective countries, and they made the decision to create a conference which reflected Caribbean issues from a theological perspective. 

        As Msgr. Anthony reflected on his memories over the years, he expressed: “Our region has produced some beautiful minds and beautiful spirits, beautiful people who have really been in love with God and passionately in love with Caribbean people.” He made reference to the legacies of departed CTCT members like: Fr. Michel de Verteuil, Fr. Henry Charles, Peter Shaksjee and Sr. Diane. 

        In response to Msgr. Anthony’s sharing, Dr. James commented: “Lest we forget what has gone into bringing this to be, the love for the laity, the coming together as one, the pastoral context, the searching, the fighting, the courage, the passion, the love and of course the memories of persons who were dear to us.” 

            This year’s conference will be hosted virtually as well as in person. For more information on the upcoming conference, registration and much more visit their website – ctctoday.org or visit their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/CTCT1994.

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