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Catechesis… “is the echo of the Word of God.” It is therefore “ and must be  “must be interwoven with personal relationships.” Catechists are witnesses who have themselves encountered Jesus, and wish to lead others to encounter Him. To be good catechists, we must be bold in expressing expressing God’s saving love and appealing to freedom, marked by joy. Most importantly, we must exhibit attitudes of  approachability, openness to dialogue, patience, warmth, and welcome.  

Excepts from Pope Francis’ message to members of Italy’s National Catechetical Office : “pray and think creatively about catechesis”

Children's Formation

We employ systematic process of initiation through our offering of First Communion Classes and Sunday School.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth are supported through a two-year journey as they prepare for confirmation. They are also supported through our Youth on Youth Ministry.

Adult Formation (RCIA)

The RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. It a process through which non-baptized men and women enter the Catholic Church.

Catechetical Leaders

We offer support and ongoing training to Religious education teachers, youth directors and RCIA coordinators across the various parishes.


Our Catechists are engaged week after week in the process of transmitting the faith and initiating others into the Christian life."

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Mrs. Morvette Thomas Diocesan Coordinator for Catechesis and Youth

The word catechesis comes from the Greek meaning “to echo the faith” meaning that catechesis or the handing down of the faith is an interactive process in which the Word of God re-sounds between and among the proclaimer, the one receiving the message, and the Holy Spirit!

The Office of Catechesis and Youth Ministry is focused on building up the Kingdom of God here on earth. We do this by leading people to form a real, tangible relationship with Jesus Christ as his disciples, encouraging them to grow as disciples through catechesis, and ultimately guiding them to become His apostles by sending them out into the world to transform it.

We consider catechesis to be a a life-long process of initial conversion, formation, education, and on-going conversion. Through word, worship, service and community, it seeks to lead all God’s people to an ever-deepening relationship with God who reveals himself in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Within the various parishes of the Diocese of St. John’s-Basseterre, the catechesis of children, youth and adults is undertaken by volunteer catechists who prepare the candidates to receive the Sacraments of First  Reconciliation and First Communion and Confirmation.  If you would like to find out more about the catechetical sessions in your parish, please contact

Our Catholic schools are also tasked with the responsibility of providing additional enrichment sessions through their provision of religious education courses. While especially useful, these courses are not to be considered a replacement for the  formal Sacramental programmes offered at the parish level.