Paediatric Health Fair a Success

The recent Paediatric Health Fair was a resounding success, bringing together healthcare professionals, parents, and children for a day of education and fun. The event aimed to promote awareness about paediatric health issues and provide valuable resources to families in the community.

The event was a collaboration between the Pontifical Missions Societies (PMS), the American University of Antigua (AUA) School of Medicine, local physicians, and the Youth of the Holy Family Cathedral.

The PMS Director, Noleen Azille noted that the Health Fair provided an excellent opportunity to make basic health care available to children ages 2-18. Parents also had the opportunity to consult with doctors and specialists, ask questions about their child’s health, and receive valuable advice on nutrition, development, and preventive care. Most importantly, she underscored that this was an extension of the missionary mandate of the Church. Hence, through this initiative, they can join together with these committed health professionals to bring Christ’s healing mission and his mission of mercy to the community.  

Azille noted that Fair serves to support the work of the Pontifical Missions Societies through the Missionary Childhood Association and its Youth on a Mission program. Through this activity, children and youth can manifest Christ’s love and compassion for his people while bringing glory to God. She shared that the initiative was able to uncover several children with medical, vision and dental challenges requiring referral for further investigation and care.

She was also full of praise for the entire team who demonstrated such selflessness to ensure the success of the event. These include Dr. Andrea Vaugahans, Staff and Students of the American University of Antigua (AUA), Ms. Sharon Brusch, Executive Assistant, Community Outreach (AUA), Dr. Arlene Sorhaindo, Dr. Alafea Stevens, Dr. Salem Zreibi, Dr. Jillia Bird, Dr Linda Lovell-Roberts, Dr. Edmond Mansoor, Dr. Maxwell Francis, Dr. Acheabea Dyer, Dr. Rasheda Williams, Dr. Leroy Marsh, Mrs. Patsy Richards, the Youth to Youth Group of the Holy Family Cathedral and Our Lady of Perpetual Help parishes, priests, the parents and children who participated in the fair. 

Overall, the Paediatric Health Fair successfully achieved its objective of raising awareness about paediatric health issues while providing families with valuable resources. The event fostered a sense of community engagement by bringing together healthcare professionals, parents, and children in a supportive environment dedicated to promoting children’s well-being.