New Principal Appointed to SJCPS


The Board of St. John’s Catholic Primary School wishes to announce the appointment of Miss Verlyn Amina Anika Richards as Principal of the St. John’s Catholic Primary School (SJCPS).  Miss Richards, who has been a teacher at SJCPS for the past 22 years, is a trained teacher holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education from the University of the West Indies.

The Board believes that Miss Richards’ years of teaching experience and management are qualities that will be effective in advancing the holistic development of our students at St. John’s Catholic Primary.  For over twenty-two years Ms. Richards has molded the young minds of students in all grades at SJCPS and has worked with her colleagues in producing scores of top students in the Grade Six National Assessment. 

Miss Richards, a devout Catholic, believes in the words of Pope John Paul II where he stated that the Catholic school is characterized by its unique reference to the human person, since every person, with their material and spiritual needs, is at the centre of Jesus’ teaching; therefore, the promotion of the human person forms the objective of a Catholic school.

We thank former principal, Sister Marie Voltaire for her impeccable years of service to St. John’s Catholic Primary School and wish her the very best in her continued formation as a Missionary Sisters – Servants of the Holy Spirit congregation.

The Board warmly welcomes Miss Richards to the leadership role of the SJCPS and it is our pledge to continue to work with the administration to foster greater cooperation between parents, pupils, administration, and teachers.  We look forward to the continued support of our parents and benefactors as we holistically develop the students entrusted to us. (Ends)