Share Your Desire

Share Your Desire

A man who is interested in the priesthood but still searching for the answer to the question “What does God want of me?” should contact his Pastor and/or diocesan Vocation Director. This way you can have your questions answered, and perhaps resolve some anxieties or misunderstandings about the priesthood. This is also a wonderful opportunity for your priest to get to know you and make himself available to provide some guidance in your prayer and discernment.

Still worried whether you may be a great candidate for the priesthood?

See some characteristics of a good priest listed below

  • A Desire for The Scripture

    It is important that you love the word of God and you share a desire to proclaim and live the Gospel.

  • A Healthy Self Image

    Maintaining a healthy self image also contributes to a healthy ministerial and communal life.

  • Good Listener

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  • Generosity & Kindness

    Are you willing to give away your time, your energy, your possessions, even your heart, for God and His people?

Other qualities of a priest are…

 Visiting the Blessed Sacrament and making frequent use of the sacrament of confession

A desire to be a priest, even in the face of tremendous personal sacrifice(s)

A validation of one’s call by other people who suggest that you should consider the priesthood

A virtuous life and a knowledge of what is right and wrong according to the teaching of Jesus and his Church.

Possessing good social skills and finding enjoyment in being around other people

An average or higher than average intelligence and the capacity to complete eight to ten years of college-level and masters-level coursework in Theology

A good sense of humour!

Physical, emotional, and psychological stability

Possess self-discipline and be courteous, punctual, and composed

Stability in lifestyle: i.e., consistency as a student or employee

A healthy psycho-sexual orientation

A gentleman: good manners, correct grammar in communication, a neat appearance and proper hygiene

Able to accept failure

Open to the will of God for one’s life

The Vocation Director (Fr. George Williams) of the Diocese of St. John’s-Basseterre can be reached by calling (268) 461-1127  or the Chancery at (268) 461-1135, or by emailing